Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Twins Are Here!

My dear friend Jenny just delivered twins--Chance and Grace. The healthy boy and girl were around six pounds each and arrived via C-section. If you know petite Jenny, the thought of her carrying over 12 pounds of baby, along with all the extra weight it requires to sustain them, is ridiculous! But what's more amazing is the miracle that these babies are. After several years of trying the old-fashioned way, then various fertility tests/treatments, and finally two rounds of IVF, these were the "little embryos that could"--and they did! Considered a high-risk pregnancy, the fact that Jenny carried the babies until her 39th week is also astounding. Lots of people were praying for these little ones, and God certainly hears the prayers of his people!

Congratulations, Jenny and Eric! Can't wait to meet your precious miracles!

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