Saturday, July 08, 2006

The First Month

I can't believe it! After only three weeks, I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Wow, that nursing thing really works. Now all I need to do is lose the baby weight I gained when Reagan was born--ugh!

Speaking of nursing, Presley is doing much better than Reagan did. (By this point with Reagan, I was getting over mastitis, and had given up nursing permanently in favor of pumping.) It still hurts like crazy and is time-consuming and cumbersome. But I fully believe in the health benefits, so I'm willing to take the extra effort.

Presley has been sleeping very well--usually 5-6 hours the first stretch at night. (She has even gone 7 a couple of times!) And when she does wake up she just wants to eat, have her diaper changed, and go back to sleep. Did I mention that she's not even four weeks old? I know, I know. We're very lucky.

The last meal from our church care ministry came this week, which was very sad. There's nothing better than a home-cooked meal that you didn't have to cook! We've been eating very well the last few weeks. Guess it's back to pre-packaged frozen dinners and takeout.

Overall, we're all adjusting much better than I expected. Two is definitely harder than one, but we're figuring it all out and managing pretty well. But I still have no plans to go to the grocery store with Reagan and Presley anytime soon.

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