Thursday, July 06, 2006

Miss Independent

Reagan is becoming more and more independent every day. She is truly embracing the role of Big Sister. Sometimes she gets tired of Mama holding Presley, but mostly she is very pleased to have Baby Sister with us.

Now that Mama often has her hands full, Reagan is doing more things on her own. She has started saying, "I need to use the potty by my lone." (As in, by myself or alone.) She does everything pretty well, but still needs a little help getting her pants/panties back up.

Reagan has also started eating cereal in a bowl with milk, just like Mama. Last week, after breakfast, Reagan stood and upon seeing the mess she had made on her lap said, "I'm all milked up!" Later in the week, she made a similar comment when she spilled blueberries in her lap: "I'm all jellied up!"

Pretty much every day Reagan comes up with some new funny expression or behavior that keeps us cracking up!

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