Friday, November 17, 2006

Dear Lord...

We finally gave in and bought Reagan the "real tail, just like Ariel" costume for Halloween. Then she had the nerve to say she also needed the Ariel shoes, magic wand, and crown. Ugh! We had been trying to teach her about not being greedy and having a grateful heart for what you have. A night or so later, we were saying our bedtime prayers. Reagan's went something like this: "Dear Lord, thank you for my real tail, just like Ariel. But I also want the Ariel shoes, Ariel crown, and Ariel magic wand. But it's OK I don't have them. But I really want them. But it's OK I don't have them. But I really want them..." You get the idea. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

Reagan has been learning her Bible verses for AWANA. This past week, one of her verses was a simplified version of Romans 3:23--"All have sinned." When Reagan wasn' t understanding the words exactly, I repeated it slowly and then said, "Sinned means that we've all been naughty. You are naughty. Presley is naughty. Even Mama and Daddy are naughty." When I was quizzing her a day or so later on the verse, she said, "All have sinned. That means you're naughty, and Daddy's naughty, and Presley's naughty, and I'm naughty."

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