Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Reagan is very into pretend play right now. You never know what character she might be at any given moment--and you never know what she might do next. Last week, she was being the mama, and I was supposed to be Reagan. She kept calling me "Kid", and after she had me say my Bible memorization verse for church she said, "Good job!"

Recently, Reagan has been playing with one of her baby dolls quite a bit. Having a baby sister has brought out her maternal side. Yesterday she got the "Boppy" (a nursing pillow) wrapped around her waist and propped her doll up on it. Next thing you know, she was lifting up her shirt and "latching" the doll on! She sat there about ten minutes, patiently waiting for her doll to finish eating. It was pretty convincing, and maybe a little disturbing.

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