Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Disney Vacation Highlights

We're back and we had a fabulous time. It would take pages to write everything about our trip, so I'll hit a few highlights:

  • The DVD player in our car was a godsend! We made it all the way to Gainesville in one day and probably could have made the entire trip straight through.

  • My friend, Conny, who works at Disney truly rocks! Not only did she get us free entry to the parks each day, but she also set up VIP parade viewing for us. That meant we saved about an hour staking out a spot, and we had a perfect view of the castle in the background as the parade approached us--priceless!

  • The Storybook Princess Dining in the Norway Pavillion at Epcot had surprisingly good food. And we got to see five princesses in the span of about 20 minutes!

  • Reagan got to ride Cinderella's favorite horse on the carousel (it's the only horse with a gold ribbon on its tail).

  • We LOVE the ice cream bars shaped like Mickey's head--yummo!

  • We all agreed that Chef Mickey's is by far the best character meal, in terms of food, character interaction, and value.

  • I met up with Nori, a friend I used to work with at Word, for tea at the Grand Floridian. It was a relaxing, quaint ritual!

  • We give the new Finding Nemo, The Musical show a hearty thumbs up! We had incredible seats, and Nemo's puppeteer even smiled and interracted with Presley.

  • Scott and I got to be in the show at the Studios' Backlot Tour. We were the ship captain and deck hand, and we got pummelled with water. Fortunately, we were wearing rain gear.

  • Our favorite parks are in this order: Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and then Animal Kingdom (there's just not enough to do at AK yet, and it was very crowded).
I'm sure I'll elaborate on some of this later, but I just wanted to get some quick thoughts down. Needless to say, we enjoyed it immensely.

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