Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

This year Mother's Day started on Saturday, when Reagan and Daddy baked a cake for me. (Of course, I bought the cake mix and the frosting.) Reagan was sure I would want a princess cake, so she put some of her princess figurines on the finished cake. It was quite yummy, even if it wasn't the most beautiful creation ever.

Reagan, Presley, and Daddy went shopping on Saturday and brought home a dozen red roses, along with gifts I would get on Sunday. As soon as she had given them to me, Reagan asked for one of the roses. (She likes to pretend to be Belle, and a rose plays a very important part in that story.) Of course, I couldn't refuse. Within a few hours, the rose was in pieces. We saved the petals to add to her bath.

Sunday morning came much too early, as both Scott and I had to "work" at church--me singing and him running the computer. We all had to be at church by 7:30 a.m., which was no easy task. In fact, Reagan's hair was rather messy, but I stuck a bow in it as we hurried out the door. Had I known the kids were going to sing that morning (we'd been gone for two Sundays at Disney, so I was out of the loop), I would have made sure her hair looked nice, even if we had to be late!

After two services of the kids performing and my own sappy solo, "When You Come Home," we went out for lunch. Of course, every nice restaurant had an hour or more wait, so we settled for Calypso Cafe--one of my favorites, and a place you can always find a table. The kids eat pretty well there too, so that's a bonus.

We came home and had a mostly lazy day. Presley napped while Reagan watched movies and Scott and I read the paper. Scott handled all the diapers and feeding the kids snacks and dinner. He even offerred to make me a peanut butter sandwich (I declined).

I forgot to mention that I received a cute Disney card (which I believe Presley picked out), along with some sparkly pens that Reagan chose (she knows my love of office supplies), and a Starbucks gift card that I'm sure Daddy chose.
To make Mother's Day last even longer, I bought myself a new color laser printer yesterday--sweet!!! Now I can scrapbook, print photos, make colorful party invitations--oh, yes, and also work--to my heart's content.

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Jenny said...

Calypso Cafe -- a great choice for Mother's Day. I miss it. :) Scott's offer to make a PB sandwich made me chuckle, as did Reagan's desire for one of your roses! :)