Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Funny Things She Says...

Presley is changing every day--learning new words and putting complete sentences together. Just yesterday, she was standing behind Reagan as big sis played a computer game. Apparently, the seating arrangement was not to her liking, because Presley said, "I can't see bery (very) well. Moob (move) a li'l bit."

Other favorite sayings:

  • "Dat cool, Mama?" ("Is that cool, Mama?" This usually comes after some gymnastic stunt.)
  • "I got it!"
  • "I go wishoo." ("I'll go with you.")
  • "I know." (This actually means "I don't know." Very confusing, but we figured it out.)
  • "Help me, Mama!"
  • "I go kin'garen wif Reagan." (Do I need to explain this? She wants to go everywhere Reagan does--including kindergarten.)
  • "Dayee may me mad." ("Daddy made me mad." So she came running to Mama.)

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