Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Talking Like a Grown-Up

Reagan is starting to expand her vocabulary. Every now and then, I catch her trying to use a new word that she either hasn't fully grasped the meaning of or doesn't quite know how to pronounce. The result is pretty humorous, and I wish I could remember a good example to share here!

New phrases are also making their way into Reagan's vocabulary. This week, her favorite is "ya know." For example, she might say, "I'm playing dress-up, ya know," or "I just need to sit down, ya know." And yesterday at lunch, when I offered her some grapes, she said, "I'm not a big fan of grapes." Yep, that one was totally me. I say that a lot.

The final example, I'm ashamed to admit, is also from me. See, I get frustrated when Presley falls asleep in the car when we are only going to be in it for a few minutes. (She falls asleep and then wakes back up as I'm taking her out of the car seat--postponing the nap I was hoping she would take.) A week or so ago, we drove about five minutes away to our library. When we arrived, Reagan said, "Ugh...Presley is asleep. Crap!" Only, she still doesn't say her Rs very well, so it came out like, "cwap!" I had to explain to her that it's not a very nice word and we really shouldn't say it. Of course, she has said it about half a dozen more times since then. (I don't think it helps that I have recounted the story to several people while she was within earshot. It just fuels the fire.)

Still, despite the bumps in the road, it's exciting to hear Reagan experimenting with language. Maybe she'll decide to be a writer someday--or, better yet, a public speaker!

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