Monday, June 09, 2008

Candy Land Party

Presley had her 2nd birthday party on Saturday. The theme was Candy Land, and it truly was! There was every kind of candy under the sun in mason jars for the immediate consumption. The cake was a full sheet cake (serves around 75!) with the game board in even more candy and icing. I printed pictures of the characters on cardstock to designate the different areas from the board (peppermint forest, chocolate swamp, candy castle, etc.). We also had our own "chocolate swamp"--Grandma's chocolate fountain. Here are a few fun pics from the day:

For the cake, I used a pre-iced full sheet cake,

then spraypainted the green and added all the candy.

The Cholcoate Swamp

Playing Candy Land on the rug board

The birthday girl takes a dip in the Chocolate Swamp

Candy Land did, however, come at a cost. Much like the Sunday after Reagan's 2nd birthday party when we kept the nursery and watched out mild-mannered toddler hit, bite, and just be generally naughty, Presley had a rough morning in the nursery at church. She wasn't being aggressive, but was crying and inconsolable--sooooo not like her! After a couple of attempts to leave her, I finally just took her into church. Once she was sitting with her grandparents and cousins, she was just fine. We chalked it up to too much candy and not wanting to miss out on cousin time. She was fine the rest of the day.

All in all, it was a fun birthday, but we still have WAY too much candy and cake in the house.

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