Tuesday, July 08, 2008


We took a quick trip to Indy over the holiday weekend. First, my parents (along with Scott and I) took the kids to the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

Getting in costume for the bluescreen show.

In a giant Dino-nest.

Water play in the exhibit sponsored by Indiana native David Letterman.

Afterward, they took the kids home with them and Scott and I stayed in Indy for the night. We stayed at the Canterbury Hotel downtown in the Circle Center. We actually had access to the mall directly from our hotel. We were also next door the the famous St. Elmo Steak House and within walking distance to dozens of restaurants. Just a few blocks away was Indy's landmark Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

On the way out of town, we stopped to take a few (dozen) pictures of the new Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts will play next year. As you can see, it dwarfs the current stadium. Pretty impressive.

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