Sunday, December 07, 2008


This has been a busy week(end) for us, but we've got one big event now behind us: the Joyland mini-musical. Reagan was a hit as a Shirley Temple doll! (Isn't that wig outrageous? And adorable!) It was very cute to see her sing/dance/pose as ST. Scott also got in the act as a "shopper" who chose to buy her at the end of the show.

And just before Joyland, Presley's toddler class sang "Away in a Manger." She did a great job but was a little distracted by the baby Jesus (a doll). She kept trying to touch him and was shielding him from the other children. She's very greedy, er, protective like that.

Since Mama also sang "The Name" this morning, it was a busy day for us all!

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