Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Say What?

Presley is at such a fun age! If she thinks you're not listening, you can get a full concert of her singing anything from the ABC song to "Who Would Imagine a King." (Mama and Reagan have been practicing that one lately.
Presley also never ceases to amaze us with her vocabulary and the interesting way she says things. Here are a few of her current favorite sayings:
  • "Dat not berry fair!" (That's not very fair.)

  • "My tummy making me hungry."

  • "I not a baby--I a big girl!" or "I a baby--not a big girl!" (whichever suits her needs at that moment)

  • "I not pee-pee in the potty--just change my diaper!"(potty training isn't going so well)

  • "I want you, Mama." (usually spoken when I'm seated at the computer)

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