Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Help! Reagan Won't Nap!

We have been so blessed with a baby that has slept well from a very early age. At night, we simply put Reagan down in her crib--awake--and she drifts off to sleep. Naptime, however, has be a struggle recently.

My usual routine has been to snuggle with Reagan on the couch to get her down for a nap. Lately this process has been failing, with Reagan simply refusing to fall asleep. It usually involves me making several trips back and forth from her room, putting her in the crib, taking her out, etc. I have tried rocking her, letting her play for a while before putting her down, giving her milk, playing music for her, all to no avail.

After spending yesterday afternoon researching our little problem, I have come to the conclusion that I must employ a similar method to what we're doing at night. So, just after lunch today, I told her that it was nap time. I handed over her favorite cow and her pacifier (getting rid of the paci--now, that's a subject for another day!) and put her in the crib.

That was almost exactly one hour ago. She has been pretty calm for the entire time, but I can still hear her in there talking to herself. I have committed to following this plan for at least one week before trying something different. (I think it takes at least a week of consistency for a child to adjust to a new system.) But if anyone has any other bright ideas about how to get a toddler to nap, I'm all ears.

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