Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hannah Montana Sighting

Today we went to the mall (Cool Springs, in case you're interested) to a Build-a-Bear birthday party for Reagan's "boyfriend" Curry. On our way into the mall--as I was looking down and talking to Reagan--we passed two rather unassuming teenage girls on their way out. Scott, who was pushing Presley in the stroller, turned around and whispered something to me. We finally got far enough away that he said, "That was Miley Cyrus." What! Hannah Montana was that close to our four-year-old admirer, and he didn't even get Reagan's attention so she could see her! It figures that the one person in our family who could care less about seeing her is the one who spotted her. (Even Presley kinda knows who she is and likes her.)

And, just in case you're questioning Scott's ability to recognize the Disney Channel star, we overheard a couple of tween girls talking about seeing her also.

Addendum: Here's further proof it was her--an online story about it. It's sad when a trip to the mall makes the news.

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