Saturday, October 18, 2008

Celebrity Sighting

Scott and I had dinner for his birthday tonight at the Cheesecake Factory in Green Hills Mall. (Thanks, Sarah, for offering to watch the kids!) After dinner, Scott wanted to walk to the Apple store and check it out. I, personally, wanted to get back to the kids and had very little interest in the Apple store--or the mall on a Saturday night, for that matter. But we took the little detour and, after consulting a directory, finally found the Apple store. (It was totally geeked out, btw.)
On the way back through the mall, we both did a double-take as we spotted James Marsden. In our house, he is best known as Edward from Enchanted. He's also been in the X-Men movies as well as one of my favorite shows from a while back, Second Noah. He had a little girl, about two- or three-years-old on his shoulders (I assume that was his daughter), and absolutely no one seemed to be bothering him. You gotta love Nashville, perhaps the only place on earth where a bona fide movie star can walk through the mall on Saturday night and nobody seems to care.

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